Windows 11 compatible as of build 202206

All test batteries (TAP, TAP-M and KiTAP) purchased after July 1, 2022 with
build number 202206 or higher are released for Windows 11.  

The build number can be checked within the test battery in the "Help/ About" menu (here using the example of TAP-M):



Test batteries with a smaller build number, or where no build number can be found in the menu,
are not released for Windows 11!

The Build 202206 (or higher) is available as a free update for the current versions (from TAP 2.3.1, TAP-M 1.3.2 and KiTAP 1.5.1). If you need an update, please use the contact form and specify the serial number of the test battery for which you want an update.